Munasterio 'e Santa Chiara
Carlo Buti

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Munastero 'e Santa Chiara
, is a song with melancholic and poetic style. The theme is the nostalgia felt by an immigrant from Naples. It address a common longing that unites all of those who were forced to leave their native land in search of a better life. How they never forget and still keep in their hearts the images of their beloved home.

In the refrain he talks about the Santa Chiara monastery, for which the song was named and is one of the symbols of Naples. The immigrant says that his heart is sad and heavy because every night he thinks about how his city used to be.

Dimane?...Ma vurría partí stasera!
Luntano, no...nun ce resisto cchiù!
Dice che c'è rimasto sulo 'o mare,
che è 'o stesso 'e primma...chillu mare blu!

Munasterio 'e Santa Chiara...
tengo 'o core scuro scuro...
Ma pecché, pecché ogne sera,
penzo a Napule comm'era,
penzo a Napule comm'è?!

Funtanella 'e Capemonte,
chistu core mme se schianta,
quanno sento 'e dí da 'a gente
ca s'è fatto malamente
stu pecché?
No...nun è overo...
no...nun ce créro...
E moro cu 'sta smania 'e turná a Napule...
Ma ch'aggi''a fá?...
Mme fa paura 'e ce turná!

(Galdieri - Barbieri 1945)

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