My Experiance Gaining Italian Citizenship
By Vince Macrino

In 2004, while visiting some family members in Augusta Sicily one of my wife’s cousins mentioned that I was probably eligible for duel citizenship by blood with Italy. At the time I didn’t give it much thought. About two years ago I started to research this and I found out that I was indeed entitled to it. I was not sure exactly what the process was so I started to “google” for the answers.

I discovered Italiamerica. I read through all the information on the site and found out that I had more documents on my mother’s side than on my fathers side. I sent an email with some remaining questions that I had and promptly received and e-mail back from Nicola. He explained to me what I needed and how to go about getting it. I had no issues getting my paperwork state side, however I was missing my “Pop- pop’s” birth certificate from Italy. He was born in the late 1800’s and I had no idea of how to get proof of his birth. I explained my situation to Nicola. I had numerous emails and telephone conversations with him.

From our first conversation I was extremely impressed with Nicola’s professionalism, kindness, and general desire to see me obtain my citizenship. He told me he would try to get what I needed. He explained it would be easier for him to get the information being in Italy. A couple weeks later I received what I needed from Simbario, Italy. It took almost a year and a half but I received my Italian citizenship in Feb. 2010. I used Nicola of Italiamerica to do all my translations as well. I am incredibly thankful that I discovered this wonderful company as I would not be a citizen of Italy if I had not found them.

Vince Macrino