• Naturalization Records (Certificate of Naturalization, Petition for Naturalization, Declaration of Intention)
  • Official Statements of “No Records”

When seeking dual citizenship, it is required that your ancestor did not become a naturalized US Citizen before the birth of his/her son or daughter through whom you are inheriting the citizenship.

We provide an administrative service which will determine if your ancestor became a naturalized US Citizen. 

Our Service will confirm your ancestor’s citizenship status, and will allow you the confidence to continue forward in your pursuit of obtaining dual citizenship, before investing a great deal of time or expending unnecessary costs for something that would not otherwise materialize. 

NOTE: Ancestors naturalized before July 1st 1912 cannot transmit citizenship (Law n. 555 of June 13, 1912)

NOTE: There is no guarantee of positive results.  Our fee is non-refundable.

All Required Naturalization Documents $340.00

The price includes all US Government fees

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